Projects Overview

NBA Graphs: 2015 Playoffs with R studio May 2016

Description: Exported Data from “Advanced NBA Statistics Project” and created additional graphs

Includes: R code, Original Data, and Copy of Graphs

Advanced NBA Statistics with SQL May 2016

Description: Import Raw NBA statistics into Local Database and run Queries

Includes: SQL Query, Raw Data (in CSV)


Field Goal / 3 Point / Free Throw Percentages of 2015 – 2016 NBA Season with R Studio April 2016

Description: Simple graphs of NBA Statistics generated via R STudio

Includes: R Code, Data (in CSV), graphs generated

UT HIT Poster Presentation March 2016

Description: Our Topic is “Assessing the Performance and Usability of Clinical Decision Support Systems in the Pharmacy”

Includes: PowerPoint template of poster, CSV files, R code, and Tablaeu

SDS 335: Scientific and Technical Computing Final Project November 2015

Description: Our Topic is “an efficient implementation of heuristic partition function
calculations in C”

Includes: R code, C Code, Report, and Powerpoint Presentation

CS 328: Game Development Slayers November 2015

Description: Me and two others collaborate to create a hack and slash arcade game from the ground up.

Includes: Flash File to open game