[Analysis] Converging Trends: Shifts in Healthcare and Information Technology Align to Support Industry Transformation

Written by Patric Riley and Greg Caressi of Frost and Sullivan found here. With the complexity of health care, innovative thinking, innovative technology and robust health IT infrastructure are needed to support “applications for storing, accessing and utilizing healthrelated information is affecting payors, state and federal governments, life sciences organizations and health systems.” Purpose: The […]

CSMP: Enter Intensive and Field Work

We flew into Ann Arbor, Michigan and met the rest of the team. This was the first time meeting them in person other than the brief Skype call a couple of weeks before.  Prior to meeting everyone, the challenge was to come together and function as a team.  The team consisted of 33 members of […]

Understanding Patient, Provider, and System Factors Related to Medicaid Readmissions

Introduction: One of the government sponsored health insurances include medicaid. This program focuses specifically on lower income individuals who cannot afford private insurance.  Eligibility of this program is means tested meaning that you must meet income and financial guidelines to qualify.  With the signing of the Affordable Care Act and its supreme court ruling, Medicaid […]

Marcus and Maddie Wedding Gift

I really appreciate my manager, Marcus, at Chipotle.  He taught, challenged, and encouraged me which helped me become a better person.  To show my appreciation, I decided to organize a gift before I leave to my missions trip in the summer. He is about to get married this weekend, but at the same time stressing about reaching […]

Enter Missions: CSMP 2016

Preface This was an article my pastor shared with me and others. Calling.  What is our purpose in life?  That hard and deep questions.  As part of the Christian walk, there is an expectation to participate in missions, to share the gospel and do good deeds.  The article is a good reminder of who I am. […]

NBA Graphs: 2015 Playoffs with R studio

Using the CSV exported from a previous project using SQL, I continued to make more sophisticated graphs using ggplot with R studio.  The information presented represents real data of players that participated in the 2015 NBA Playoffs.  Again, I used basketball-reference.com to procure the raw data. Here are the results: Density Graph using Average Assists, Rebounds, […]

NBA: Advanced Statistics

If you ever watched professional sports, interesting statistics are pulled quite promptly given context of the situation.  Some facts are more obscured than other’s such as a basketball player’s statistics with and without sports accessories. This is the premise this project. In broadcast sports, they have  dedicated statisticians and researchers finding numbers and trends so that can […]