Investing Project

Background: I recently decided to pursue into investing.  The portfolio I am using is managed by a financial company, but I do have final decision.  If you are interested in connecting to my financial adviser, feel free to reach out to me. Though I contribute a certain amount to a diversified portfolio, I am limited […]

Semi-Automatic Budgeting Project

Background: Working full time, I recently created a budget sheet.  With the “Money” App, I am able to record transactions in real time.  Unlike Bank Statements, it conveniently breaks down transactions by categories and sorts accordingly.  It has the ability to send reports in CSV format.  Unfortunately, the format is less than ideal when I […]

Marcus and Maddie Wedding Gift

I really appreciate my manager, Marcus, at Chipotle.  He taught, challenged, and encouraged me which helped me become a better person.  To show my appreciation, I decided to organize a gift before I leave to my missions trip in the summer. He is about to get married this weekend, but at the same time stressing about reaching […]

NBA Graphs: 2015 Playoffs with R studio

Using the CSV exported from a previous project using SQL, I continued to make more sophisticated graphs using ggplot with R studio.  The information presented represents real data of players that participated in the 2015 NBA Playoffs.  Again, I used to procure the raw data. Here are the results: Density Graph using Average Assists, Rebounds, […]

NBA: Advanced Statistics

If you ever watched professional sports, interesting statistics are pulled quite promptly given context of the situation.  Some facts are more obscured than other’s such as a basketball player’s statistics with and without sports accessories. This is the premise this project. In broadcast sports, they have  dedicated statisticians and researchers finding numbers and trends so that can […]

HIT Poster Project

As part of the UT HIT Program, my partner Johnathan Yeun and I, were to choose a topic related to the HIT industry. Because of our pharmacy interest, we decided to investigate the use of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) in the pharmacy setting. CDSS is a relatively early software being implemented in current EHRs. […]