[Analysis] Converging Trends: Shifts in Healthcare and Information Technology Align to Support Industry Transformation

Written by Patric Riley and Greg Caressi of Frost and Sullivan found here. With the complexity of health care, innovative thinking, innovative technology and robust health IT infrastructure are needed to support “applications for storing, accessing and utilizing healthrelated information is affecting payors, state and federal governments, life sciences organizations and health systems.” Purpose: The […]

Understanding Patient, Provider, and System Factors Related to Medicaid Readmissions

Introduction: One of the government sponsored health insurances include medicaid. This program focuses specifically on lower income individuals who cannot afford private insurance.  Eligibility of this program is means tested meaning that you must meet income and financial guidelines to qualify.  With the signing of the Affordable Care Act and its supreme court ruling, Medicaid […]

Design and Testing of an EHR-Integrated, Busulfan Pharmacokinetic Decision Support Tool for the Point-of-Care Clinician.

Introduction: The article written by Susan M. Abdel-Rahman and her colleagues developed a Pharmacokinetic Decision Support Tool (DST) for Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) that can be integrated within an EHR. In the discipline of Therapeutic drug monitoring, drug dosing is payed close attention as underdosing and overdosing to medication with a very narrow therapeutic range. The software is […]

ITIL best practices the ultimate backstop for hospital cybersecurity, research CEO says

ITIL refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library is the practice of aligning IT services to business needs. “Despite all the money healthcare organizations spend on security tools, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems and email security it is becoming painfully clear — especially in light of the ongoing ransomware attacks — that executives […]

HIT Poster Project

As part of the UT HIT Program, my partner Johnathan Yeun and I, were to choose a topic related to the HIT industry. Because of our pharmacy interest, we decided to investigate the use of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) in the pharmacy setting. CDSS is a relatively early software being implemented in current EHRs. […]

Cerner population health chief John Glaser: Analytics, big data, Internet of Things to fuel push toward individualized interventions

http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/cerner-population-health-chief-john-glaser-analytics-big-data-internet-things-fuel-push-toward John Glaser is among one of the industry veteran with over 10 years of experience.  The article notes that “Information security and privacy is still a struggle and interoperability continues to be hard.”  These are same issues that many industries leaders still struggle with and that continues to be true. John Glaser touched on […]