Investing Project


I recently decided to pursue into investing.  The portfolio I am using is managed by a financial company, but I do have final decision.  If you are interested in connecting to my financial adviser, feel free to reach out to me. Though I contribute a certain amount to a diversified portfolio, I am limited on buying power and capital.  Thankfully, as a customer, I have access to their portal that can view the value of investments.


  1. Gathering the Data – I first had to export the data from the website and store in a local database via Microsoft Access
  2. Presenting the Data – Tableau interfaces from an Access Database.  So, I don’t have to export the database into a CSV for Tableau to take it, but rather I can link directly.

Access Database:

Access Database


Current Holdings – contains current investment share that I own

Current Portfolio – contains data from the investment company, includes values of investments I own and do not own

Provider – Subaccounts – maps Companies that provides the investments


In summary, these 6 queries import data from the website into the table ‘Current Portfolio’.  Data is also cleaned to the format I expect and also remove bad data like empty lines. The Query ‘Update Owned Holding to Portfolio’ assigns the Boolean ‘True’ to subaccounts I own.

Unassigned Objects:

‘Provider – Subaccount Names’ and ‘DailyUnitValues’ are data sources to be added to the database.

‘Updating Current Portfolio’ is a macro that runs all the queries in order.


Generated by Tableau



current value of investments

value of holding

value over time

Next Steps:

Long-term goal is to gain knowledge and wisdom from the data and hope to make investment decision solely on data.

I want to add statistical information to the graph to provide context rather than the graphs themselves.  Looking far ahead is predicative analytics that based on rate of return, portfolio performance.


Raw Data, Database, Workbook download here


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