Investing Project

Background: I recently decided to pursue into investing.  The portfolio I am using is managed by a financial company, but I do have final decision.  If you are interested in connecting to my financial adviser, feel free to reach out to me. Though I contribute a certain amount to a diversified portfolio, I am limited […]

Closing Out 16-17

Purpose The purpose of this blog post is to articulate my thoughts and to help process this past year while looking ahead for the future year. Some back story, I am not a college student so this may seem weird to “close out” the year. If you were to ask me how this past year […]

2016 Year in Review

2016 Call me the minority but I think 2016 would be one I would look at back with fondness… Politics aside. There are different highlights with this year. I wanted to take this time to share my year in a nutshell. Be forewarned, I try to be genuine and accurate. That’s how I am, trying […]

Semi-Automatic Budgeting Project

Background: Working full time, I recently created a budget sheet.  With the “Money” App, I am able to record transactions in real time.  Unlike Bank Statements, it conveniently breaks down transactions by categories and sorts accordingly.  It has the ability to send reports in CSV format.  Unfortunately, the format is less than ideal when I […]

CSMP: Halcyon End

Now that I have returned to Austin, I was able to process and reflect a bit. What did I learn? With what gifts and talents in my disposal, I am enabled to empower others.  However, I learned about myself in regards to my shortcomings and insecurities. But I am learning that it is alright because […]

CSMP: Excel Enrich in Austin

And all good things must come to an end at some point. We’ve concluded our missions trip this past Saturday and now returning to real life. Both Ann Arbor and Detroit Teams served the Austin youth, the difference is the locations that we partnered.  Detroit partnered with Side by Side Kids at the For the […]

CSMP:Life Group

As part of Harvest Community Church, we would call our small groups, life group instead.  This is where we can practice biblical community and just trying to be real with others or “life on life”, despite the doubts and insecurities.  We would invite others to be with the community and try to create a safe […]